What Are We Learning About Ecosystems and Social Change?

By documenting civil society budget campaigns, and the oversight systems in which they are conducted, IBP has become aware of the need to adjust our assumptions about civil society budget work and its impact. More specifically, we need to shift beyond a narrow focus on building the technical skills and knowledge of CSOs to influence the executive arm of government to a more holistic approach that recognizes the complementary roles of different actors in what we have come to call the accountability ecosystem.
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Shackled Auditors, Toothless Legislatures: Why Government Oversight is Unable to Deliver Budget Accountability

Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) are crucial government bodies that verify whether public money is being used effectively and lawfully. Since 2006, the Open Budget Survey has sought to measure the role and effectiveness of SAIs and their contribution to more accountable budgets. This post examines the strengths and weaknesses of oversight institutions based on the data from the Open Budget Survey 2015.
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Open Budget Survey 2015

The Open Budget Survey’s assessment of budget transparency, participation, and formal oversight finds that 98 of the 102 countries surveyed lack adequate systems for ensuring that public funds are used efficiently and effectively.
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