Uganda Debt Network and Others Bring Together Civil Society and Government for Pre-Budget Dialogue

May 06, 2014

This post was written by the Uganda Debt Network. A key factor in translating budget transparency into better policies, implementation, and outcomes is for the executive branch of government to engage with civil society, the legislature, and other stakeholders throughout the budget process, including during budget formulation. International best practice says that government should actively […]

What to Do When Government Fights Back?

Apr 11, 2014

This post was written by Albert van Zyl, Manager, Learning and Knowledge Development at the International Budget Partnership. Indian civil society organization Samarthan monitors the implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) in the state of Madhya Pradesh. MGNREGS obliges government to provide work to poor people or to compensate them […]

Links Roundup: News and Publications on Open Budgets

Mar 24, 2014

IBP News Latest IBP Newsletter (Jan-Feb) with articles on citizen participation in Latin America, technology and open budget data, as well as new publications, job postings, and more. New brief and infographic on Kenya’s Division of Revenue Bill for 2014 featuring tables with sectoral breakdown of revenue allocations. New blog post on whether sub-Saharan African governments […]

Transparency for What? Do Governments Publish the Budget Information that CSOs Need?

Mar 13, 2014

This post was written by Paolo de Renzio, Senior Research Fellow for the Open Budget Initiative at the International Budget Partnership. Access to budget information is a fundamental precondition for civil society budget work. When governments do not release detailed budget data to the public, it is impossible for civil society organizations (CSOs) and other […]

Lessons Learned from Water and Sanitation Budgets Analysis in Pakistan

Feb 27, 2014

This post was written by Muhammad Zahoor, Executive Director of the Centre for Governance and Public Accountability. In July 2013 the Centre for Governance and Public Accountability (CGPA) and Integrated Regional Support Program (IRSP), two civil society organizations based in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province of Pakistan, analyzed the water and sanitation budgets for the […]

Constituency Development Funds Are a Massive Misunderstanding

Feb 24, 2014

This post was written by Albert Van Zyl, Research Manager at the International Budget Partnership. Constituency Development Funds (CDFs) are funding arrangements that channel money from central government directly to legislators for local infrastructure projects. Budget-monitoring civil society organizations (CSOs) have criticized CDFs because they: breach the separation of powers, reduce government capacity by misdirecting […]

Tunisia’s Citizens Budget: One More Step toward the “Open Budget”

Feb 05, 2014

This post was written by Karim Trabelsi, Consultant at the International Budget Partnership, and is also available in French here. The design and publication of Tunisia’s first Citizens Budget in December 2013 was an important milestone, marking a significant step in promoting budget transparency. For the first time in the history of public finance in […]

Tunisie Budget Citoyen : Un Pas de Plus Sur la Voie du « Budget Ouvert »

Feb 05, 2014

Ce post a été écrit par Karim Trabelsi, Consultant à l’International Budget Partnership (IBP), et c’est aussi disponible en Anglais ici. La conception et la publication en décembre 2013 du « Budget Citoyen pour l’année 2014 » a constitué une étape importante marquant une avancée significative dans la promotion de la transparence budgétaire en Tunisie.  Première dans […]

Training Tunisian Media to Report on the Budget

Jan 14, 2014

This post was written by Akram Al-Turk, Program Officer for the MENA Project at the International Budget Partnership. Since November 2013 IBP and two of its partner organizations have been training journalists in Tunisia on how to cover budget matters in the country. These workshops build on those that IBP conducted in the summer for […]