Putting the Government’s Budget Proposal in Context

By by Albert van Zyl, International Budget Partnership South Africa— Feb 23, 2017

Civil society can play an important accountability role throughout the budget process, from formulation to enactment then implementation and audit. Early in the process, civil society organizations can inform the public about the government’s proposals for raising and spending public money and can offer a critical voice that places the proposals in the social and economic context of the country and challenges questionable assumptions. On 22 February 2017 the South African Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan delivered the annual budget speech upon tabling the Executive’s Budget Proposal in parliament. As an example of how CSOs can engage in this stage of the process, IBP South Africa responded with the following assessment of the proposal.

Decentralized Budget Transparency?

By Carlene van de Westhuizen and Albert van Zyl, International Budget Partnership South Africa— Feb 16, 2017

There is a tendency to assume that budget information is centralized and can be provided by the national Ministry of Finance. Some exploratory work done by IBP South Africa suggests that sources of budget information — specifically the information needed by CSOs for analyzing budgets and monitoring implementation on the ground — can be more decentralized than one might expect.

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The Open Budget Survey 2017: Expanding and Improving How Budget Transparency, Participation, and Oversight are Measured

By David Robins, International Budget Partnership— Feb 09, 2017

In late 2016 civil society researchers from 115 countries began the research for the sixth biennial Open Budget Survey, the world’s leading independent and comparative evaluation of the state of transparency, oversight, and public participation in government budget processes. The kick off of the Open Budget Survey 2017 research is an exciting milestone and thus a good opportunity to check in on the survey and take a look at what is to come in the near — and not so near — future.

Making the Most of Citizens Budgets

By Elena Mondo, International Budget Partnership— Jan 10, 2017

Government budget documents are hardly page-flipping bestsellers. They usually consist of hundreds of pages of numbers and charts accompanied by technical jargon that even readers with advanced degrees find difficult to decipher. No wonder then that most citizens have hard time understanding what government budgets are about, despite the huge impact that they can have on their livelihoods. In many countries civil society and the media play an important role in “translating” budget information for a general audience. But governments should also lead on informing the public about budget processes and policies. One way to do so is to publish Citizens Budgets — shorter, simpler documents aimed at a general audience.

قانون الموازنة: أداة متاحة عبر الإنترنت لتحديد أولويات الموازنة العامة

بقلم شراكة الموازنة الدولية— Dec 13, 2016

You are viewing the Arabic translation of this post. View the English version here. تعد منظمة Engaged Public شركة استشارات مقرها في الولايات المتحدة ومتخصصة في تعزيز مشاركة المواطنين في السياسات العامة، بما في ذلك الموازنات الحكومية. وقد تم تطوير الأداة الخاصة بتلك المنظمة والمتاحة عبر الإنترنت، والتي تحمل الاسم قانون الموازنة من أجل المساعدة في تثقيف المواطنين […]

Balancing Act: Una herramienta en línea para registrar las prioridades del presupuesto del público

Por International Budget Partnership— Dec 13, 2016

Engaged Public tiene una herramienta interactiva en línea, Balancing Act, que les enseña a los ciudadanos cómo funcionan los presupuestos y registra sus aportes sobre prioridades del presupuesto. Desarrollada originalmente para audiencias de los Estados Unidos, Engaged Public trabaja para adaptar la herramienta a diferentes contextos de países.

A group of students using Balancing Act. Credit: Engaged Public

Balancing Act: An Online Tool for Capturing Budget Priorities Among the Public

by the International Budget Partnership— Dec 13, 2016

Engaged Public is a consulting firm based in the U.S. that specializes in promoting citizen engagement in public policy, including government budgets. Their online tool Balancing Act was developed to help teach U.S. citizens how budgets work and to capture citizen input on budget priorities. Recently Engaged Public began working with governments and civil society outside the U.S. to trial the tool. While IBP doesn’t endorse any particular tool or approach, we are always interested in understanding new ways of making budgets more open and accessible. We recently talked with Brenda Morrison from Engaged Public about Balancing Act and their work in adapting the tool to different country contexts.

A group of students using Balancing Act. Credit: Engaged Public

ممارسة المحاسبة بشكل مختلف في الهند

بقلم رايان فلين، شراكة الموازنة الدولية— Dec 01, 2016

You are viewing the Arabic translation of this post. View the English version here. يلزم مجموعة كاملة من الأشخاص من أجل تربية طفل واحد. كما يلزم مجموعة كبيرة من الإجراءات على مستويات حكومية متعددة للتحقق من أن هذا الطفل لديه كتابه المدرسي وهو متوجه إلى المدرسة. إن توفير الخدمات العامة أمر في غاية التعقيد. ولا […]

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