International Advocacy

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Improvements in budget transparency, participation, and accountability are most often driven by civil society advocates and government reformers within individual countries, but there is an increasing body of evidence that suggests that international agreements and external actors can contribute to positive budget reforms. And, there is increasing recognition among international donors and institutions that budget transparency, public participation, and government accountability are crucial to reforms that can better deliver public services and relieve poverty, leading to commitments to supporting governments — and increasingly civil society organizations (CSOs) — in their efforts to reform how public finances are managed.

The core of IBP’s work is to support and collaborate with our civil society partners to strengthen budget systems, practices, policies, and accountability within countries. However, given the growing opportunities to improve the international context for promoting open budgets, in 2011 we embarked on a program of advocacy that includes forging global partnerships, establishing international norms, and influencing donors and multilateral organizations.

IBP’s global initiatives include: