Fiscal Futures: Putting the 'Public' Back Into Public Finance

Public finance and government budgets are things few people get excited about, but they affect every one of us much more than we think. What would public finance that puts the public good — human beings with their needs and aspirations — at the center of government policy-making look like? And could putting the ‘public’ back into public finance be the key to democratic renewal?
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Sniffing for Revenues in Indonesia’s Natural Resource Sectors

The agriculture, forestry, plantation, and marine fisheries sectors provide livelihoods for a significant fraction of the Indonesian population, yet contribute less than one out of every ten dollars of revenue received by the provincial and the national governments. Two Indonesian civil society organizations – Perkumpalan Inisiatif and Seknas FITRA – designed an ambitious research project to test the hypothesis that weak administration and corruption contributed to weak revenue in these sectors.
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