Results for Whom? Making Program Budgets Work

Program budgeting is about making budgets more transparent, ensuring that public money is spent on the right priorities, and linking budgets more closely to the purposes of spending. IBP’s work on program budgets, in partnership with the World Health Organization, examines global practices related to budget program structure in health to shed light on how governments define program objectives as part of their broader quest to shift budgeting towards results that matter to citizens.
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Rethinking Fiscal Futures: Questions for the Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Field

After two decades of promoting open and accountable budgets around the world, the fiscal transparency and accountability field has reached a critical juncture. Although fiscal transparency norms and standards have gained ground, there is a sense that quantifying the deeper impact of budget work remains elusive. This challenge calls for critical reflection and new ideas. Earlier this year, the International Budget Partnership, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace convened 35 fiscal transparency and accountability advocates, practitioners, scholars, and funders from 14 countries to review assumptions, rethink strategies, and imagine the future of public finance two decades from now.
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Alternative Budgets: An Advocacy Tool for Civil Society

How can budgets adequately address entrenched social inequalities? Social Justice Ireland, an independent think tank and justice advocacy organization that works to advance the lives of people and communities through independent social analysis and policy development, uses Alternative Budgets – policy briefs that incorporate alternatives to the government’s budget proposals meant to encourage budget choices that are economically sound and socially fair.
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