Alternative Budgets: An Advocacy Tool for Civil Society

How can budgets adequately address entrenched social inequalities? Social Justice Ireland, an independent think tank and justice advocacy organization that works to advance the lives of people and communities through independent social analysis and policy development, uses Alternative Budgets – policy briefs that incorporate alternatives to the government’s budget proposals meant to encourage budget choices that are economically sound and socially fair.
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Poor Countries Face a Climate Change Double Whammy

Climate change is hitting developing countries hardest because of both their geographical location and their limited capacity to respond. Now, a recent study from the UN Environmental Program warns that the poor countries that are most vulnerable to climate change will pay more to borrow because of that vulnerability.
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Making and Keeping Promises: Why Budget Credibility Matters

Budget credibility describes the ability of governments to accurately and consistently meet their expenditure and revenue targets. In July 2018, IBP and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico, in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, co-hosted a side-event during the 2018 United Nations High Level Political Forum to discuss budget credibility, and its relevance to the Sustainable Development Goals.
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