SDG Action Begins With Credible Budgets

Public budgets are the most powerful tool governments have to direct their resources to meet the needs of their people, are critical to achieving the SDGs. Unfortunately, governments often fail to fully implement their budgets according to plan. IBP and UNICEF co-hosted two panel events in New York during the UN General Assembly to discuss the importance of budget credibility to achieving the SDGs.

Achieving Sustainability Goals Hinges on Credible Country Budgets

Governments around the world need to set more realistic and credible spending plans if there is any hope of achieving the ambitious agenda laid out in the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs). This conclusion comes from a new study of 35 countries, across incomes and geographies, by the International Budget Partnership (IBP). The study’s findings were discussed today at UNICEF headquarters during an event jointly organized by UNICEF, the French and Zambian governments, and
IBP. Read more here.

The Budget Bibliophile’s Bookshelf: Taxing Africa: Coercion, Reform And Development

Taxation, believe it or not, has become a hot topic in international development. The need to mobilize additional resources to finance the Sustainable Development Goals, coupled with doubts about rich countries’ capacity and willingness to foot the multi-trillion dollar bill attached to the SDGs, have brought unprecedented attention to government efforts to raise more revenues domestically. Read more in Paolo De Renzio’s review of ‘Taxing Africa: Coercion, Reform and Development’.