The Fiscal Futures Project

What will public finance look like in the year 2040? The Fiscal Futures Project aims to re-imagine the future of fiscal transparency and accountability work in a changing global context. What are our working assumptions, and how do they need to change? Explore ideas for transforming public finance around the world.
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Why Reasons are Fundamental in Government Budgets

Modern government budgeting is increasingly expected to be an extended conversation between executives, legislatures, auditors, the public, and other independent institutions. In this conversation, governments cannot simply announce their plans. They have to explain the reasons for the choices they are making. So how can we judge the quality of reasons that governments provide? Our new paper, Assessing the Quality of Reasons in Government Budget Documents, proposes five criteria.
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Revisiting the Foundational Assumptions of Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Work

When work on improving fiscal transparency and accountability gained steam in the 2000s, it proceeded from a core set of assumptions about the global political context and the drivers of domestic governance reform. But in the past ten years, these assumptions have been thrown into question. The Fiscal Futures project recently sought to identify the foundational assumptions of fiscal transparency and accountability work, update them to fit today’s world, and assess the implications of these changes.
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