The Struggle for Democratic and Accountable Budgets – What Have We Learned?

Three new case studies, drawn from substantially different contexts, have something in common: citizens trying to engage the state in the management of public resources. This may happen through formal budget processes and procedures, in village meetings, or in the streets, but in all three cases citizens from groups that find it hard to make their voices heard are defending a central ideal: that public money is the people’s money, and they have a right to understand and influence decisions on how it is spent.
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Nepal Releases Its First Citizens Climate Budget

In August 2017 Freedom Forum, IBP’s civil society research partner for the Open Budget Survey in Nepal, and the United Nations Development Programme released Nepal’s Citizens Climate Budget: Where is Nepal’s Money Being Allocated?, which provides the public with accessible information on how the government is using public money to address climate change and its effects through the national budget.
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