The Clash of the Aid Titans: New Easterly Book

Aug 04, 2008

William Easterly, Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Collier’s disagreements on whether, how, how much development aid to give to poor countries has helped keep the aid debate in the media. Easterly’s latest contribution to this debate is his new book Reinventing Foreign Aid, that has just hit the shelves. You can see the Table of Contents and Easterley’s opening chapter by clicking here.

The book is a compilation of contributions from 25 experts in the field, many of them from the Center for Global Development and the World Bank. We don’t know whether they were invited, but disappointingly neither Sachs nor Collier are amongst the contributors.

At over 550 pages, this book is not a light read, but we will post a review on at least Easterly’s first chapter shortly.

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