Would you like to know more about NGO budget activists?

May 18, 2011

The Open Budgets Blog is thinking of running a series of interviews with prominent government budget activists. After giving some background on their work and their organization, we could ask questions like the following:

  1. What was your first moment of activism? What moved you to get involved?
  2. Why do you do this work? What motivates you?
  3.  What’s the biggest challenge in this work? For you? For your organization?
  4. What would change the citizen-government power balance in your country?
  5. How long will you keep doing it? What are your career plans?
  6. What are you reading at the moment?
  7. Who are your heroes?


  • Would you be interested in reading something like this?
  • Would you be prepared to give time to be interviewed yourself?
  • Which of the proposed questions are most interesting to you?
  • Which other questions should be included?
Send us your thoughts through comments to this blog, email openbudgets (at) gmail.com or tweet us at ‘openbudgets’


  1. Hi Albert,

    I think this would be very interesting to read. For me and my work, learning about some of the practical approaches that others have used to promote public engagement on budget issues (at different levels) would be particularly useful- sharing some lessons on what has worked well and not so well. There’s a fair amount of information available about experience with PETS but I’d love to hear about other approaches people are taking (particularly in contexts with low literacy rates and/or limited access to information).

    Sarah Barnett, CAFOD

  2. Sounds great. I’d echo the comment that it would be good to know about succeses (and failures) and what has worked and hasn’t.

    Alan Hudson

  3. Thanks Sarah and Alan for your feedback. Expect the first of these in the next few weeks

    Two more inputs from our Twitter Feed:

    SERI_RightsSA May 19, 12:02pm via Web
    important Q, esp at local govt level RT @OpenBudgets What should citizen participation in the budget process look like? http://ow.ly/4Y4d9

    giantpandinha May 18, 12:03pm via TweetDeck
    [Yes but not too much self praise, pls] RT @OpenBudgets Would you like to know more about budget activists? Read more http://ow.ly/4X49R

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