Top Ten Budget Monitoring Tweeters

Sep 03, 2012

The International Budget Partnership is proud to announce the top ten ranking of tweeting budget monitoring organizations!

Top Ten Budget Monitoring Tweeters: (Twitter handles after names, then previous position in brackets)

  1. Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism – @PCIJdotOrg (-)
  2. Fundar – @FundarMexico (-)
  3. Contas Abertas – @Contas_Abertas (-)
  4. Ibase – @Ibasenet (-)
  5. Poder Ciudadano – @PoderCiudadano (-)
  6. Equal Education – @Equal_Education (-)
  7. Haki Elimu – @HakiElimu (-)
  8. Idasa – @Idasa (-)
  9. Daraja – @DarajaTz (-)
  10. Sikika – @Sikika1 (-)

Click here to join a list of these and others marvelous budget monitoring tweeters.

Answers to all your questions

  1. We ranked on the basis of an index that multiplies followers by number of tweets. Click here for the details.
  2. We didn’t consider individuals.
  3. We only considered organizations with more than 500 followers.
  4. We didn’t consider international organizations, only country based civil society organizations.
  5. If you think we left someone out, let us know on Twitter or comment on this post, we will do another ranking shortly.


  1. Thanks, these are really useful. Just a note that there are a couple of typos, e.g. should be @Contas_Abertas.

    Do you already have a Twitter list for these? I’ve been building one for a while (although has a slightly wider remit to include all kinds of organisations who rely on government financial information to be able to do their jobs such as data journalism organisations who report on spending):!/openspending/spending-orgs

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