Crippling Debt: Transparent Lending and Borrowing Must be Part of the Solution

Countries around the world are facing an unprecedented debt crisis amid the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a rise to the largest capital outflow from developing countries ever recorded. On the Open Budgets Blog, Tim Jones of the Jubilee Debt Campaign, proposes a series of measures to ensure lending is transparent and responsible.

A Call to Action on Open Budgets during the COVID-19 Response

On the Open Budgets Blog, IBP’s Sally Torbert dives into emergency funding during the COVID-19 crisis and argues that while governments need to identify, approve, and implement funds urgently, speed does not need to come at the expense of accountability.

2019 Open Budget Survey Released

Amid a global pandemic that is forcing governments around the world to launch new spending measures, IBP has released the findings of the 2019 Open Budget Survey (OBS), showing weak transparency and oversight in government spending. Read the latest OBS report and explore the website to learn more about the state of the world’s budget transparency, participation, and oversight.