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Lessons and Insights for Citizen-led Accountability

This blog explores four webinars that IBP presented to open up a space to bring the ideas and evidence from the broader field into dialogue with the on-the-ground realities of our country teams.

Indonesia gathering
Sharing Insights on Strategy and Learning for Fiscal Justice

This post explores a series of learning exchanges to share insights and lessons from the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning systems and practices at Oxfam America, the Natural Resource Governance Institute and IBP.

Uptake and Outcome Evaluation of IBP’s Publications

IBP commissioned this evaluation of its publications to determine the uptake and outcomes of its research on target audiences, particularly national government actors.

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You Cannot Go it Alone: Learning from Cooperative Relationships in Civil Society Budget Campaigns

The International Budget Partnership has spent almost a decade researching how and why civil society campaigns on budget-related issues succeed or fail. Based on the findings of nearly 30 case studies spanning five continents, this paper synthesizes what we have learnt so far. It focuses particularly on the relationships between civil society organizations and both government and non-government stakeholders, establishing a typology of these relationships, and examining how and why they contribute to the successful budget campaigns. The main finding is that, when it comes to budget campaigns, CSOs cannot go it alone.

Creating Incentives for Budget Accountability and Good Financial Governance Through an Ecosystem Approach: What Can External Actors Do?

This paper brings together the findings from a joint research project aimed at gaining a better understanding of the role of different accountability actors play in promoting budget transparency and accountability. It explores how different accountability actors collaborate, and the ongoing and potential roles of external actors (such as development partners, implementing agencies and non-government organizations) in providing support to reforms. The research builds on both organizations’ current work in this area, and is based on country studies that were carried out in Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Georgia, Indonesia, Kenya, and South Africa.

Connecting the Dots for Accountability: Civil Society Policy Monitoring and Advocacy Strategies

This report serves as a resource to those who want to address the challenge of isolated and fragmented transparency and accountability interventions that often do not strategically engage with the ecosystem of accountability actors, mechanisms and levels of governance to address the structural causes of corruption, impunity and poor service delivery, but rather more superficial symptoms.

The Super Duper Impact Planning Guide

In this guide, organizations are taken step-by-step through a process for developing a plan that represents the sequence of changes that they hope to contribute to through their work.