Strategy & Priorities

As the most important economic policy tool available to governments, public budgets can exclude citizens and skew public resources to the powerful, or they can play a leading role in promoting inclusion and redressing inequality. The International Budget Partnership (IBP) was founded over 20 years ago on the premise that meaningful citizen engagement can open budget processes and foster policies that reduce poverty. In 1997, IBP worked with CSOs in approximately eight countries. Since then, the field of civil society budget work has grown exponentially, with organizations from almost every country in the world engaging in efforts to promote open, responsive, and accountable public finance management at the country, regional, and global levels. IBP works in close partnerships with over 150 civil society organizations around the world.

Our Strategic Plan

Despite significant progress and wins, the budget field still faces many challenges in advancing true policy reform. To overcome these challenges, we need ambitious new strategies aimed directly at vital policy reforms and citizen engagement to create more powerful coalitions for change. Through our five-year strategic plan, we are confident we will produce budget work that helps citizens and governments turn disaffection into active engagement, rebuild the democratic fabric of society, and improve the equity and efficiency with which public resources are used.

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