Analysis & Insights

The International Budget Partnership is committed to better understanding how public resources can be used to reduce inequality, benefit poor people, and provide public services effectively and equitably. Our research investigates the causes and consequences of greater or lesser budget transparency, participation, and accountability and examines the methods and impact of civil society engagement in promoting more inclusive and accountable budget processes and outcomes.

Budget Transparency, Participation, and Accountability Research

We commission and carry out short- and long-term research projects that dig deeper into various aspects of budget transparency, participation, and accountability.

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Case Studies

Our case studies investigate how civil society organizations and coalitions engage the state to influence positive reforms and hold governments to account for how they are raising and spending public money. Our research includes how civic actors navigate the fiscal governance ecosystem to drive improvements in budget processes, policies, and accountability.  

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Open Budget Survey Data

Much of our research on budget transparency, participation, and accountability is informed by the findings of the Open Budget Survey. We invite public finance researchers to use this data in their own research. Open Budget Survey data from 2006 – present is available to view and download through the Open Budget Survey Data Explorer.

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