Budget Transparency, Participation, and Accountability Research

In addition to the biennial Open Budget Survey, we commission and carry out short- and long-term research projects that dig deeper into various aspects of budget transparency, participation, and accountability. Browse research by type below.

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Research on National and Subnational Budget Transparency

This research builds on, further analyzes, or uses the methodology of the Open Budget Survey to examine budget transparency, participation, and accountability at the national and subnational levels.

Research on the Drivers of Open Budgets and Why Transparency and Participation Matter

Our research and analysis on open budgets looks at the drivers of budget transparency and participation over time, and why transparency and participation matter for accountability systems.

Journal Publications

The Open Budget Initiative prepares articles and analyses on budget transparency, participation, and accountability for publication in related academic and policy journals and publications.

Jason Lakin, “The End of Progress Toward Greater Budget Transparency? Findings from the Open Budget Survey 2017,” European Public Mosaic (EPuM). Open Journal on Public Service, Issue 5 (2018).

Jan Seifert, Ruth Carlitz, and Elena Mondo, “The Open Budget Index (OBI) as a Comparative Statistical Tool,” Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice, Volume 15, Issue 1 (2013).

Joachim Wehner and Paolo de Renzio, “Citizens, Legislators, and Executive Disclosure: The Political Determinants of Fiscal Transparency,” World Development (July 2012).

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Paolo de Renzio and Harika Masud, “Measuring and Promoting Budget Transparency: The Open Budget Index as a Research and Advocacy Tool,” Governance (July 2011), pp. 607-616.

Nancy Dubosse and Harika Masud, “Open Budgets, Sustainable Democracies: A Spotlight on the Middle East and North Africa,” Economic Governance Programme, IDASA, International Budget Partnership (IBP), June 2011, p. 10.

Harika Masud and Jason M. Lakin, “Documents You Can Use: What The Open Budget Survey 2010 Tells Us About the Global State of Transparency,” Yale Journal of International Affairs (March 2011), pp. 64-73.

Ruth Carlitz, Paolo de Renzio, Warren Krafchik, and Vivek Ramkumar, “Budget Transparency around the World: Results from the 2008 Open Budget Survey,” OECD Journal on Budgeting, Volume 2009/2, pp. 81-97.

Paolo de Renzio, Pamela Gomez, and James Sheppard, “Budget Transparency and Development in Resource Dependent Countries,” International Social Science Journal, Issue Supplement s1 (2009), pp. 57-69.

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