Into Open Daylight: Lessons on taxation and the state from 18th century France

Jason Lakin, Head of Research, International Budget Partnership— Dec 12, 2019

Taxes, which we too often dismiss as technical and dull, were central to the “improvisation of a nation.” To tax is to define the ambit of the state—its roles, its responsibilities, and the reach and limits of its authority vis-à-vis the citizenry.  

No Taxation Without . . . Notice and Comment

Jason Lakin, Head of Research, International Budget Partnership— Dec 09, 2019

When government agencies provide public reasons, they are legitimating public debate about those choices and signaling a willingness to accept criticism and revisions. This is the essence of democracy.

Just What the Doctor Ordered? A Dose of “Fiscal Realism” in Nigeria

Austin Ndiokwelu and Jason Lakin, International Budget Partnership— Nov 13, 2019

A joint forum with the Nigerian Budget Office of the Federation (BOF) in late October spurred a candid conversation on the challenges of realistic–or credible–budgeting. Here’s what we learned.

1, 2, 3 . . . Averting Climate Catastrophe

Nov 05, 2019

Climate change, biodiversity loss, and degradation of natural systems threaten the economic and social systems that form the core of society. Failing to halt these crises will affect everyone, but especially the poor and marginalized, particularly women. As stewards of a country’s natural resources, governments play a key role, yet few are seriously held accountable. […]