Accounting for Value

Aug 03, 2010

Since 2004, the Prince of Wales has been leading the charge for new corporate accounting standards that would take into consideration social and environmental factors that affect the cost of doing business, but that are ignored by traditional standards.  This would include both factors that will impact a company’s bottom line, but also external costs […]

Ignoring Corruption’s Enablers: A Tanzanian Story

Jul 30, 2010

This post was written by Thokozile Madonko and Jennifer Sleboda of the International Budget Partnership All too often reports in the media and public discourse about cases of government corruption overlook two root causes: the lack of budget transparency and weak oversight in the management of public resources.  This is certainly the case in Tanzania […]

Jobs for Africa?

Jul 12, 2010

At least since 2004, the African Union has made employment generation a rhetorical priority.  At a summit that year, the AU adopted the so-called Ouagadougou Plan of Action, meant to commit African countries to employment generation strategies.  In 2007, the Millenium Development Goals were altered to add an explicit focus on employment (Target 1B of […]

Tax Heaven

Jun 19, 2010

A major theme in this year’s African Economic Outlook, an annual OECD review,  is domestic resource mobilization (read: taxation), a topic that clearly deserves more attention in the region.  In a position paper released in May, the OECD points out that African tax revenue has been on the rise in recent years, but that the […]

Farewell to Keynes? Not so fast…

Jun 11, 2010

In the June 8 edition of the Financial Times, Jeffrey Sachs published a provocative assault on Keynesian stimulus.  Specifically, Sachs argued that it was a “dubious proposition” that Keynesian stimulus through expenditure on “shovel-ready projects” could actually “combine short-term cyclical and long-term structural agendas.”  To Sachs, fiscal stimulus on anything but social protection grounds is […]

Health aid fighting wars, not AIDS?

Apr 28, 2010

It is every donor’s nightmare that recipient governments end up spending aid on things that it was not intended for. The fashionable budget support approach gives up on this nightmare by leaving allocative decisions to recipients and rather concentrating on  strengthening the country institutions that make these decisions. But this does not mean that donors […]

HIV funding: How much you pay is as important as how much you spend

Mar 15, 2010

Recently, on the Open Budgets Blog, there was a discussion on the implicit tradeoffs in funding a high-profile disease like HIV instead of less severe diseases like pneumonia, which actually kill more people per year worldwide. In addition to allocation decisions, the price paid for the relevant drugs is also an important variable determining which […]

Paying for Climate Change: “How” Is as Important as “How Much”

Dec 16, 2009

This post was prepared by Athena Ballesteros of the World Resources Institute,and Vivek Ramkumar  of the International Budget Partnership. Adaptation, mitigation, conservation, new technologies—when it comes to addressing the impacts of climate change and moving to a low-carbon economy, the costs will be shared and significant. As 190 countries met in Copenhagen over the last […]