A political path to budget transparency? Transparency, elections and political competition

Apr 30, 2012

In our previous post we reported on research showing that budget transparency reduces the cost of debt to governments. In another paper in the Open Budget Initiative working paper series, Joachin Wehner (London School of Economics) and Paolo de Renzio (International Budget Partnership) cite empirical research showing that budget transparency also reduces budget deficits and […]

The fruits of budget transparency: Cheaper Credit

Apr 19, 2012

The International Budget Partnership’s Open Budget Initiative has just published a series of working papers that explore the causes and consequences of budget transparency. Such research is important because it can show what the best ways are to promote greater budget transparency. It can also motivate governments to become more transparent by pointing out the […]

The era of accountability has arrived: Warren Krafchik’s speech at the Open Government Partnership in Brasilia

Apr 17, 2012

Warren Krafchik is a co-chair of the  Open Government Partnership (OGP) and director of the International Budget Partnership. This speech was delivered at the first annual meeting of the Open Government Partnership  in Brasilia on April 17, 2012 Welcome Distinguished participants – I am honored to be here. Introduction Last year, I was sitting next to a woman – […]

1st Annual Meeting of the Open Government Partnership Kicks Off Today

Apr 17, 2012

TRANSPARENCY!  ACCOUNTABILITY!  CITIZEN EMPOWERMENT! First Annual Meeting of the Open Government Partnership Kicks Off Today What: Government and civil society representatives from 53 countries around the world, including the International Budget Partnership, will meet in Brasilia for the first annual meeting of the Open Government Partnership – a new global initiative that brings together government, civil society, donors, […]

Four civil society responses to South Africa’s 2012 budget

Feb 24, 2012

The Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa (CEGAA) points out that the overall share of health spending allocated to fighting HIV/AIDS is growing steadily. They ask therefore that the government should assess whether HIV and AIDS is crowding out other health expenditures, as this may affect the overall mobilisation and utilisation of funding for […]

Improving Governance Through Budget Transparency

Feb 22, 2012

by Michael Lipsky, a former professor of political science at M.I.T., is a distinguished senior fellow at Demos, the American think tank based in New York. Lipsky is also a member of the IBP Strategic advisory Council. A secondary result of the fiscal crises now spooling out in the United States and Europe will be greater […]

State Capitalism makes government budgets less transparent

Feb 06, 2012

Last week’s Economist tries to take down ‘state capitalism’, which it describes as an economic growth model where enterprises are ‘backed by the state but behaving like a private-sector multinational.’ This ‘backing’ takes many forms, from state-owned enterprises to significant government share-holding in private firms, to aggressive industrial policy measures such as tax breaks and […]

How we will promote aid and budget transparency in Busan

Nov 25, 2011

prepared by Paolo de Renzio, Senior Research Fellow at the International Budget Partnership Open Budget Surveys have repeatedly found that countries that are heavily dependent on foreign aid to finance their budgets tend to have less transparent budget processes, . This might be due to various country characteristics, such as low incomes or weak democratic institutions. […]

Stop the Secrecy Bill! #blacktuesday

Nov 22, 2011

Stop the Secrecy Bill in South Africa! Parliament will vote on it today. If you are in South Africa, join the protests, please. If not, please tweet, blog and make as much noise as you can. Read more here: www.r2k.org.za