Other Country Engagements

The core of the International Budget Partnership’s work in countries is deep, strategy-driven engagements in India, Kenya, and South Africa. These are resource-intensive efforts that will be sustained over several years and are dependent on reasonable enabling conditions for civil society engagement. We anticipate that this type of country work will expand gradually over time, but in order to explore the context for civil society budget work in other countries and to seize on opportunities as they arise, IBP also works in a number of countries in a more limited way. This second level of engagement allows us to continue to support some longtime partners in targeted efforts, “seed” innovative ideas and help them to grow, support new and promising organizations, and work in countries where the political context would not allow for deeper work but may offer opportunities for real gains. In each of these countries, we offers small scale financial assistance, backed with technical assistance to a limited number of promising organizations.  Where warranted, we may also undertake convening or work with partners to support government efforts to open up. Learn more about our work in: