El Salvador

Our work in El Salvador focuses on assisting civil society to protect social spending in the midst of the present fiscal crisis by effectively engaging in policy reforms and debates. Our efforts include:

  • Offering multistakeholder spaces to openly discuss current reforms and budget priorities that protect basic rights and advance budget justice.
    In November 2014, IBP organized a forum to examine the sustainability of social spending in El Salvador. Bringing together government officials, civil society organizations, academics, and politicians from all corners of the political spectrum, the forum aimed to grapple with maintaining and improving social services amidst growing public debt. More recently, a second forum addressed the urgent need for the government to identify loopholes and correct the practices in order to stop the spread of the crisis currently affecting pensions to other social programs. Both fora were very well received as opportunities for Salvadorans to discuss the tradeoffs of safeguarding basic rights and provide quality services while remaining fiscally responsible.
  •  Strengthening the capacity of CSOs to request and analyze sector budget information.
    To date the IBP has offered a grant to the CSO Iniciativa Social para la Democracia (ISD) to analyze how the universal pension scheme is financed in 16 municipalities in four states, looking at risk factors that may lead to potential cutbacks as a result of the high fiscal debt, or possible reductions in international aid. ISD’s work is set to explore the role of international cooperation agencies in financing social programs, which is central to service delivery, as well as the need for clear rules establishing the mechanisms that guarantee transparency in the implementation of foreign investments for social programs. The proposal also discusses the importance of accessible information and public participation regarding budget decisions affecting social investments.
  • Creating evidence to support sustained social investments and effectively inform decision making processes.
    IBP is working with a group of experts from partner Fundación Nacional para el Desarrollo (FUNDE), think tank Fundación Salvadoreña para el Desarrollo Económico y Social (FUSADES), and the academic institutions Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado (UJMD), Universidad Francisco Gavidia (UFG), and Escuela Superior de Negocios (ESEN). This work will seek to develop an analysis of the alternative scenarios available to the government to reform the current pension scheme and disclose economic and social tradeoffs and impacts on Salvadorans in the medium and long terms. The report will offer decision makers a useful input to inform their discussions to reform the pension system.

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