Overcoming barriers that limit accountability of public spending

by Martin Aldcroft, Vivek Ramkumar & Ed Olowo-Okere*— Nov 05, 2020

Countries around the world have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by expending trillions of dollars to support their economies and provide relief to their populations, but a key challenge is ensuring that funds contribute to recovery and reach intended beneficiaries. Collaborations between supreme audit institutions and civil society groups can monitor government spending and ensure effective and lawful use of funds, improvement in public service delivery and response to disasters.

Dalit woman sparks hope for manual scavengers during COVID-19 pandemic

by Pooja Parvati, Country Manager, IBP India — Aug 31, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the most vulnerable people in India have been particularly hard-hit and face challenges accessing relief programs. This post tells the story of Ranjitha – a Dalit woman who has sparked hope by leading relief distribution efforts in her community.

Reinventing public finance: A closer look at New Zealand’s Well-Being Budget experiment

Delaine McCullough, Paolo de Renzio & Chye-Ching Huang*— Jun 02, 2020

New Zealand, a longstanding leader of public finance management reforms, is once again charting a path for others to follow with the introduction of its “Well-Being Budget” approach in 2019. This blog explores that approach and how other countries can learn from this opportunity.

Um Apelo à Ação para orçamentos abertos durante a resposta à COVID-19

Sally Torbert, Diretora do Programa Iniciativa de Orçamento Aberto, IBP— May 07, 2020

Esta publicação também é mostrada no blog Poverty to Power, do site da Oxfam. Grandes somas de dinheiro público estão a ser mobilizadas e direcionadas para financiar medidas de emergência para a COVID-19. Os governos precisam identificar, aprovar e implementar com urgência financiamento de emergência. Embora a rapidez não tenha de existir em detrimento da […]