Governments that budget transparently are more likely to spend as they promise

by Chloe Cho & Guillermo Herrera, International Budget Partnership— Jun 22, 2020

As part of their COVID-19 response, governments everywhere are reprioritizing resources and implementing new fiscal measures. Throughout this process, we expect them to inform the public by reporting on and justifying changes made to the budget. But do we have reason to be concerned that this may not happen? Probably.

Using data for social good: transparency of public finances is vital

by Claire Schouten, Senior Program Officer, International Budget Partnership— Jun 16, 2020

As emergency funds to address COVID-19 flow into countries across the globe, it is more critical than ever that civic organizations and communities can access information and opportunities to ensure public policies and programs serve those most in need.

Campaign of Adivasis and Dalits for Rights on Education

Política fiscal y derechos económicos y sociales en tiempos de crisis: reflexiones sobre la respuesta de Argentina

Julieta Izcurdia y Carmen Ryan, ACIJ - Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia— Jun 15, 2020

El desarrollo de la crisis global por el contagio del COVID-19 y las necesarias medidas de distanciamiento social para frenar su avance, pusieron a la política fiscal y las decisiones presupuestarias en el centro del debate público. Ello es así porque se trata de la principal herramienta que tienen los Estados para contar con recursos suficientes para responder a la crisis.

Lessons learned: engaging the public in budget discussions despite social distancing

By Abraham Rugo, Country Manager, IBP-Kenya— Jun 04, 2020

On March 13, 2020 Kenya recorded its first COVID-19 infection. Two days later, the government restricted movement and meetings in a bid to contain the disease. In this post, IBP-Kenya staff details its response, alongside partners, to engage virtually with budget and service-delivery processes.

No disabled person will be left behind in Senegal

Pam Bailey, International Budget Partnership— Jun 04, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is acting like a magnifying glass—exposing in sharp relief the inequalities that often fester in relative obscurity during other times. This post explores the work of the Federation of Associations of Persons with Disabilities in Senegal to ensure that people with disabilities get access to the social services they need.

Civil society organizations around the world advocate for transparent and just responses to COVID-19

by Jason Lakin & Guillermo Herrera*, International Budget Partnership— Jun 04, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the plans of governments, businesses and households around the world. The same is true for civil society organizations, including our global network of groups committed to budget-related advocacy. In this post, we highlight our partners around the world and their nimble responses to the crisis.

Tackling COVID-19 requires a more progressive and targeted tax policy: a look at Kenya

John Kinuthia, Lead Research Analyst, IBP-Kenya & Jason Lakin, Senior Fellow, IBP— Jun 03, 2020

This post explores the important tax changes the Kenyan government has made to deliver benefits to small businesses and formal-sector workers with lower incomes during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the authors find that the government also provides poorly justified tax cuts for large businesses and individuals with higher incomes.