Um Apelo à Ação para orçamentos abertos durante a resposta à COVID-19

Sally Torbert, Diretora do Programa Iniciativa de Orçamento Aberto, IBP— May 07, 2020

Esta publicação também é mostrada no blog Poverty to Power, do site da Oxfam. Grandes somas de dinheiro público estão a ser mobilizadas e direcionadas para financiar medidas de emergência para a COVID-19. Os governos precisam identificar, aprovar e implementar com urgência financiamento de emergência. Embora a rapidez não tenha de existir em detrimento da […]

Un appel à l’action sur les budgets ouverts pendant la réaction au COVID-19

Sally Torbert, responsable de programme de l'Initiative sur le budget ouvert, IBP— May 07, 2020

Cet article figure également sur le Blog Poverty to Power d’Oxfam. De vastes sommes d’argent public sont mobilisées et réaffectées pour financer des mesures d’urgence contre le COVID-19. Les gouvernements doivent définir, approuver et mettre en œuvre un financement d’urgence le plus rapidement possible. Même si cette rapidité n’implique pas nécessairement une moindre responsabilité, le […]

A Call to Action on Open Budgets during the COVID-19 Response

Sally Torbert, Open Budget Initiative Program Officer, IBP— May 07, 2020

Vast sums of public money are being mobilized and diverted to fund COVID-19 emergency measures and most countries’ budget accountability systems have gaps even when they operate under less extreme conditions. The latest Open Budget Survey, released last week, finds that some of the weakest aspects of budget transparency and oversight are the ones that will be most critical for monitoring public resources during this emergency.

From Crisis to Opportunity: The 2019 Open Budget Survey

By Vivek Ramkumar, Senior Director of Policy, IBP— Apr 30, 2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, IBP released the 2019 Open Budgets Survey (OBS), the world’s only independent and comparative measure of budget transparency and accountability. The COVID-19 crisis demands quick and massive interventions from governments and other actors characterized by honesty, transparency, engagement, and public trust – the very objectives that drive the OBS.

poor community

Latin American CSOs lead during pandemic

Alexandre Ciconello, IBP senior program officer— Apr 07, 2020

Crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic often put civil society organizations on the front lines of response, filling the gaps governments cannot or will not fill. Two IBP partners in Latin America stepped up to acting lead in their communities.

Homeless man

COVID-19 poses heightened challenges for public budgets

Warren Krafchik, IBP executive director— Apr 07, 2020

Government budgets are undergoing rapid shifts in allocations during the pandemic. And the rush to act may tempt some leaders to forego informing and engaging the public on the steps they take. They shouldn’t.

Let’s protect each other: IBP South Africa’s COVID-19 response

Albert van Zyl, IBP South Africa country manager— Apr 07, 2020

As governments fight the COVID-19 pandemic, poverty-stricken communities are often neglected in the response. That is true in South Africa, where the residents of informal settlements are too often “invisible.” However, IBP South Africa and its partners stepped in to change that.