African Development Program dreams of an Africa in which strong economic growth is anchored in inclusive social development for its citizens. The group’s mission is to promote human-centred development through integrated development programmes targeted at rural and peri-urban communities.


  • Charles Abbey Executive Director
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  • Post Office Box CT 3918
    Cantonments GICEL Estates, Weija

Area of Expertise

  • Civil society participation in government processes
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Health
  • Poverty alleviation

Major Current Activities

  • Promoting community mobilization, awareness, participation and skills development
  • Promoting NGO-Government relation through dialogue, advocacy and research to influence policy
  • Networking with other NGOs and stakeholders for effective and efficient utilization of limited resources, particularly public resources
  • Encouraging the use of dialogue for conflict prevention, management and resolution
  • Enhancing the rights and status of women in society through education awareness and mobilization

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