Associacao Contas Abertas is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, private organization that tracks income and expenditure information of the Brazilian government at the federal, state and municipal levels.By tracking government expenditure and income, ACA advocates for greater investments in sectors that are more fundamental to the society as a whole, such as infrastructure, and also to promote greater social control over the public resources. ACA’s objective is to ensure that public resources are allocated in accordance with the principles of transparency, efficiency, morality and legality outlined in Brazil’s constitution.


  • Priscila Castello Branco Consultant - International Advisor
  • Gil Castello Branco Secretary General
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  • SCLN 112 Bloco B Salas 201-2003 Asa Norte DF Brasilia Brazil
Area of Expertise

  • Access to information
  • Transparency and accountability

Major Current Activities

  • Maintains a database that gathers information on public expenditures. The organization use the budget information from the database to write articles for the Associacao Contas Abertas website and journalists, with assistance from Associacio Contas Abertas, rely on the information to write articles published in media outlets.
  • Provides income and expenditure information to other entities, including media outlets and helps them prepare news articles.
  • Trains journalists on themes related to right to access information and practical investigative techniques.
  • Advocated for access to information law, which was recently enacted; file requests based on the law; and evaluate the effectiveness of the law (the percentage of requests replied).
  • Works with media and appropriate government bodies to investigates cases of the misuse of public funds, and seeks that appropriate action is taken.