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  • Riyan Sumindar Researcher
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Area of Expertise

The BIGS is a research and advocacy institution created in 1999 to promote inclusive and transparent local government budgets, public service accountability, and local institutional development. BIGS as an information provider is trying to overcome the asymmetric access to information during the budget process. BIGS' work is based on the thesis that asymmetric information leads to a nontransparent budget. Providing information on the budget process to the public leads to more transparency in the local budget and is also linked to civic and social, economic, and cultural rights.BIGS is a CSBI grantee since 2004 and is currently building on its initial efforts by strengthening the effective public demand for participatory budgeting.

  • Political Budget Education for Citizens (with CD)
  • The Analysis of Local House Spending: the case of Bandung mayoralty 1997-2002
  • Understanding Gender-Sensitive Budgeting
  • Those Who Have Just Spent
  • The List of Assets of the Bandung Mayoralty
Major Current Activities

  • Survey on quality of Bandung public services from the consumer's perspective using the report card method
  • Constructing a local budget transparency index in the West Java Province
  • Developing a conceptual framework of budget journalism
  • Community learning center on the budget process:
    1. publishing a research report;
    2. providing information on the budget process through the website, publishing a monthly bulletin; and
    3. offering trainings on the politics of budgeting for community organizers, active citizens, students, nongovernmental activists, and political groups
  • Research on education and health budgets in Indonesia (case studies on the national budget and local budget analysis of West Java, Bandung, Sumedang Regency, and Banjar)