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    Area of Expertise

    • Defense budget analysis, i.e., means and methods to reallocate financial resources from the military sector to nonmilitary goals
    • Reorientation of military research and development capabilities and redirect this knowledge and creativity for nonmilitary purposes
    • Defense Industry: opportunities and barriers in the conversion of the arms industry, assistance in reducing dependence on arms production.
    • Demobilization and Reintegration: programs for the demobilization of military personnel and civilian personnel employed by the armed forces and their reintegration into nonmilitary employment
    • Base Closures: programs that promote the efficient closure and successful civil redevelopment of the world's excess military facilities
    • Surplus Weapons: alternative use, disposal or scrapping of surplus weaponry to avoid indiscriminate exports

    Major Current Activities

    • Setting up an Internet-based news service that discusses military budgets. This news service called "MILEX news tracker, will select stories from news agencies that deal with military budget issues. A group of experts will comment on these news reports in terms of the accuracy of their definitions of military expenditures. For example, a news story is produced by AP on the military budget in Uganda and an expert will be called to highlight what the budget includes or not according to international definitions of military expenditures. The main goals of this process are to:
      • make global military expenditures more transparent; and
      • produce and publish more accurate data

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