Center for Applied Economics is engaged in the development and implementation of innovative models in the field of state and municipal administration and public finances, as well as educational resources aimed to increase financial literacy. The organization’s mission is to improve the quality of public and municipal administration through the use of modern technology.


  • Yuriy Belousov Director of the Center for Applied Economics
  • Olga Timofeeva Editor-in-chief, Gosmendzhment Journal
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  • Ovchinnikovskay nab., d. 20, str. 1
    Moscow 115035
Area of Expertise

  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • Training and capacity building
  • Educational materials development


The Center for Applied Economics publishes the electronic journal Gosmendzhment. The journal’s mission is to promote advanced technologies of state and municipal government; articles focus on various public budget-related topics, including state and municipal administration, public finance, and e-government. Examples include:

Research:  Civil Society Participation in Governance: Financial Literacy:
Major Current Activities

Case study, municipal program, and educational materials development. Educational materials include:

  • The training simulator "Budgeting System,” intended to help users acquire practical skills in budget planning and help students of economical and state management specialties to gain theoretical budget knowledge. Learn more »
  • “A Practical Guide for the Development of Municipal Programs and the Transition to a Program Budget Format” is intended for municipal employees and was developed on the basis of the implementation of research projects in the Russian Federation and municipalities. Learn more »
  • Videos to improve the financial literacy of the population: