• Marjan Nikolov President
  • Gabriela Dimovska Economist
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  • Bul. Jane Sandanski 63/3
    Skopje 1000

Area of Expertise

  • Civil society participation in government processes
  • Transparency and accountability

Major Current Activities

CEA's work falls into two broad categories which are participation in government processes and detailed analysis of budgets. Both of these approaches are intended to strengthen civil society in Macedonia.

Providing assistance to the Macedonian government in fiscal matters by;

  • framing responses to the EU questionnaire in the economic sphere ;
  • analyzing the shadow economy to prepare the new AP to fight the shadow economy, and;
  • training Parliamentary staff to scrutinize budgets.

Analysis of the budget process, budget plan and supplementing budgets including;

  • cost benefit analysis of fiscal policies;
  • advocacy to amend the Budget Law;
  • creation of a Manuel for Strategy development for public sector;
  • Citizen's Budget development;
  • building coalition for budget monitoring at local administration level initiation;
  • cost benefit analysis of performance budgeting implementation in Macedonia and;
  • establishing the budget portal.