• Jagadananda Member Secretary
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  • +91 674 230 1725 | +91 674 230 0983
  • +91 674 230 1226
  • E-1 Institutional Area
    Gangadhar Meher Marg
    Bhubaneswar - 751013
Area of Expertise

  • Analyzing budget making policies and practices in Orissa
  • Tracking state budgets in different sectors from the perspective of the poor
  • Analyzing macro issues of public finance such as debt, state revenue generations, and fiscal management
  • Tracking of flagship federal programs
  • Citizen's advocacy with legislatures and media on budget and human rights issues

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Major Current Activities

  • Dissemination of authentic, simplified information on the budget process
  • Multiplication of cogent discourses on budget issues in civil society in the state, especially through pre and post budget panel discussion and bilateral discussion
  • Expenditure tracking of public distribution system
  • Analysis of revenue generation in the state
  • Submission of memorandum to the government on the neglected clusters of the state budget

Newsletters And Regular Reports
Gram Swaraj - monthly news bulletin on local self-governance