The goal of the CEGAA is to inform and improve the economic governance, fiscal policy, and financial management and accountability related to HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and health, in general, through building financial monitoring and planning capacity at all levels: senior public financial decision makers, policymakers, parliamentarians, financial and program planners, managers and implementers, associations of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, civil society, researchers, and students. CEGAA will work jointly with the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) in South Africa where the partners will contribute roles and responsibilities informed by their expertise and experience in the field of HIV/AIDS and TB. Read CEGAA’s Profile


  • Teresa Guthrie Executive Director
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  • 5th Floor, 30 Waterkant Street
    Cape Town 8001
    South Africa
Area of Expertise

The CEGAA undertakes economic and budget analysis, expenditure tracking, training, and advocacy to document and address the fiscal and administrative challenges many African countries face in their fight against HIV/AIDS. CEGAA conducts research on fundamental questions such as whether HIV/AIDS funds (from all sources) are being spent on the right things and in the most efficient way possible, whether the funds are being transferred and spent fully, and whether expenditures are achieving their intended goals.

  • R1 trillion public spending in South Africa in 2012/13: What's in there for health and HIV/AIDS? - CEGAA Budget Policy Brief No.5, February 2012, South Africa's 2012 Budget features increased funding for health. Distribution and use of these national allocations should ultimately translate into improved health outcomes.
  • 5th SA AIDS Conference: Community and health facility budget advocacy issues around HIV/AIDS and TB service delivery at district level, June 2011, Findings presented from one of CEGAA's Budget Monitoring and Expenditure Tracking projects.
  • CEGAA Annual Report 2010/11, CEGAA’s Annual Report 2010/11 presents the organisation’s evolution since its founding in 2006, a profile of recent and current projects, and our strategic plans for ongoing expansion
  • Costing of the HIV/AIDS Response in South Africa and its Impact. CEGAA estimated the resources required for various scenarios in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa. As a contribution to the aids2031 Project, this work entailed reviewing all existing unit costs in the region, developing a useful database of the responses, modelling the impact of different intervention choices, and costing these to show the overall financial outlay and gains of the response options. For access to the Report, please contact Nhlanhla Ndlovu at CEGAA: [email protected]
    Major Current Activities

    • CEGAA's Profile 2011 – Briefly describes the main budget analysis and advocacy activities of the organization and its involvement with the International Budget Partnership's Partnership Initiative.
    • Analysis of the economic capacity of national governments to effectively absorb HIV/AIDS funds, the efficiency of spending of such funds, and the factors contributing to or limiting such spending
    • Analysis of the effects of international and national macroeconomic policies, conditionalities imposed by international financial institutions, national monetary and fiscal policies, and financial systems on the abliity of African countries to respond to HIV/AIDS
    • Support efforts by the executive branch, civil society, and parliament to monitor the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS spending and to advocate for increased accountabliity, transparency, and improved budget processes and execution