Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CDPI) seeks to inform and influence public policies and civil society initiatives in Pakistan through research-based advocacy and capacity building in order to promote citizenship, build peace, and achieve inclusive and sustainable development. Areas of special sectoral focus include the promotion of peace and tolerance, rule of law, transparency and access to information, budget watch, and legislative watch and development. CPDI envisions a world that guarantees rule of law, protects human and civil rights, embraces diversity of views, supports vulnerable people, and provides optimum conditions in which each individual can realize his or her full potential.


  • Amer Ejaz Executive Director
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Area of Expertise

Budget making in Pakistan has traditionally been an exclusive domain of the government, as people could not access or analyze the relevant information in a timely manner. CPDI has been working to change this by demanding transparency, building relevant budget tracking capacities in the civil society, and articulating and advocating peoples-centred budget making. In specific terms, the aim of CDPI's program on budget watch is to:

  • Study the budget making processes at various levels of governance
  • Analyze budget priorities and allocations in the light of challenges confronted in the related jurisdictions
  • Track the use of budget allocations, identify inefficiencies if any, and implement advocacy activities to get the identified problems redressed
  • Create public awareness and promote informed policy debates for influencing policy outcomes

CPDI's work around budget encompasses all possible areas of intervention, from research to advocacy and training. Most of the organization's current work is at the provincial and district level, though it is planning to undertake national level research studies with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy. At the sub-natonal level, CPDI is working on a study on budget formulation at the district level, as well as a study on the revenue potential of a pilot district. Moreover, CPDI is capacitating citizens and their groups to track budget expenditures and prepare Citizens Budgets. To learn more about CDPI's Budget Watch program, click here