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  • Ana Nery dos Santos Project Manager
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  • Centro de Cultura Luiz Freire - CCLF
    Rua 27 de Janeiro, 181
    Carmo. 53020-020
    Olinda - PE
Area of Expertise

CCLF has three programs: communication, education, and local development. The local development program focuses on public budget and citizen participation (Projeto Oramento Pblico Participao Cidad) since 1999. This project focuses on the democratization of the public management, state and municipal budget monitoring, and the empowerment of public participation at the local level throughout the state of Pernambuco.

CCLF Public Budget News
Major Current Activities

  • Participation in fora such as the "Frum Nacional de Participao Popular" and "Frum Brasil Oramento" to promote social mobilization for the democratization of the public budget process
  • Introduction of the public budget to grassroots movements and municipal councils to monitor the municipal and state public budget, and consolidate a state network (reachable at [email protected]) and municipal grassroots movement on public budget democratization
  • Acting in the legislation and execution stages of the budget process to support the dissemination of the municipal public budget democratization grassroots movement to strengthen the diversity of public budget activities
  • Training civil society to understand budget documents and laws, the importance of social participation in budget decisionmaking and execution, the link between the public budget and human rights (laws related to the federal constitution and budget law with a human rights perspective), institutional development (organization and political aspects), and communication techniques