Urban Studies and Advise Center


  • Sergio Gregorio Baierle Technical Advisor
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  • Rua Anto de Farias, 50
    Porto Alegre - RS
    CEP 90035-386
Area of Expertise

  • CIDADE was founded in 1988 and works on social and urban development and participatory budgeting.
  • CIDADE's principles are based on the right to citizenship and the autonomy of popular movements.
  • CIDADE works to promote effective citizen participation in city management and budget monitoring by empowering grassroots movements with research on urban reform policies and local budget processes.
  • CIDADE has worked in Porto Alegre since 1991 to encourage people's participation in public spending.
  • CIDADE also works on advocacy for social housing and urban reform, as well as on the implementation of the Observatory of Urban Conflicts in Porto Alegre and Canoas.

Major Current Activities

  • Advise popular organizations on how to access information giving them qualified technical guidance
  • Develop political training actions with community movements in Porto Alegre, especially those associated with participatory budgeting experiences
  • Make available reading materials and tools to access the Internet, offering information on participatory processes
  • Propose public policies that may contribute with participatory management practices
  • Maintain, catalogue, and update a database with materials on participatory budgeting and other subjects related to city management, making them available online and locally
  • Upkeep a website with information and opinions about participatory budgeting and participatory democratic management

Newsletters And Regular Reports