Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth


  • Luciana Daz Frers Director of Fiscal Policy Program
  • Gabriel Filc Associate Researcher of Fiscal Policy Program
  • Estafana Casadei Assistant of Fiscal Policy Program
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  • Av. Callao 25, Piso 1
    C1022AAA Buenos Aires
Area of Expertise

CIPPEC was founded in 2000 as a think tank to produce critical and accessible public policy information that can be used by civli society and public institutions to improve policy choices. CIPPEC focuses on ten policy programs: education, health, fiscal issues, transparency, justice, international economics, democratic institutions, social development, policy management, and civli society influence. CIPPEC works to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public spending, reform the intergovernmental fiscal relations system, and challenge closed budget processes.

  • Transparencia Presupuestaria Provincial, by Luciana Díaz Frers, Estefanía Casadei and Andrés Lajer Barón, January 2011
  • Informe de Proyecto de Presupuesto 2011, by Luciana Díaz Frers, Daniela Dborkin, Estefanía Casadei and Andrés Lajer Barón, November 2010
  • El "82% móvli", una oportunidad para discutir una reforma previsional, by Luciana Díaz Frers, Eduardo Levy Yeyati and Luciano Cohan, September 2010
  • Sistema previsional: historia, estado actual y recomendaciones para una reforma justa y sustentable, by Luciana Díaz Frers, Eduardo Levy Yeyati and Luciano Cohan, September 2010
  • Reabrir el presupuesto a mitad de año: una solución para transparentar las cuentas públicas, by Vicente Amadeo, May 2010
  • Los caminos paralelos al laberinto de la coparticipación, by Luciana Díaz Frers, Aprli 2010
  • Coparticipar el impuesto al cheque es la peor solución, by Luciana Díaz Frers, March 2010
  • El proyecto de Presupuesto 2010: ante la incertidumbre, menos discusión by Luciana Díaz Frers, Daniela Dborkin, and Federico Marongiu, October 2009
  • El impacto del gasto público social en la equidad distributiva by Germán Feldman, July 2009
Major Current Activities

  • Carry out the Lupa Fiscal or Budget Watchdog Program to increase fiscal transparency
  • Advise legislators with sound information and analysis on the impact of diverse policy reforms on the fiscal state of Argentina and on equity
  • Lobby and advocate for a Freedom of Information Act

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