Citizens Budget Watch – Sierra Leone is a civil society organization founded in 2013 to enhance effective public service delivery through budget transparency and accountability for the well-being of Sierra Leoneans. The organization was founded by a group of young professionals in the area of public financial management and is supported through philanthropic sources. The group has been instrumental in budget discussions and policy hearings with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, promoting transparency and accountability in public service delivery departments, serving as an interface between citizens and people’s representatives in forging better decisions, and heightening vigilance on public expenditures.


  • Lamin Vanna Executive Director
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  • 4 Andrew Street
    Freetown, Western
    Sierra Leone

Area of Expertise

In line with the organizational objective of promoting transparency, accountability, participatory budgeting, and civil society participation in governance, Citizens Budget Watch – Sierra Leone condenses and simplifies the national budget in a reader friendly document to distribute to the general public free of charge each year. The organization also provides commentary and analysis on Sierra Leone’s economy and other financial indicators and proffers advice to the government through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. Citizens Budget Watch – Sierra Leone has jointly implemented a project on public financial management and provided financial literacy training to young people in the rural poor in order to enhance their ability to access finance and alleviate poverty. The organization has successfully organized "Citizens and Public Officials Accountability Interface Platform" in three regions. Also, the organization has established and trained Budget Accountability Tracking Teams (BATTs) in the Western Area Urban, Western Area Rural, Port Loko and Bombali District.


View publications and reports on the organization’s website.