• Beatriz Boza Executive Director
  • Caroline Gibu General Manager
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  • Av. Alberto Alexander 2523 - Lince
    Lima 14
Area of Expertise

Ciudadanos al Día (CAD) was founded in 2002 as an activist organization to revolutionize the relationship between citizens and their government in Peru, i.e. to improve the citizen-state relationship at all levels of government through interventions that lead to greater transparency, efficiency, and equity and to a citizenry that is more informed, demanding, and engaged. CAD specializes in developing innovative to improve the quality of public management and increase citizen engagement. CAD's areas of expertise include:

  • transparency and access to information,
  • anti-corruption,
  • budgeting and public spending,
  • citizen participation and oversight,
  • identifying and promoting best practices in governance, and
  • the role of the media.

Major Current Activities

  • Best Practices in Public Management Annual Award Program - has identified 1000 experts in BGP, 656 Best Government Practices (BGPs), including 47 BGPs in the category "Transparency and Access to Information," published an annual manual describing and analyzing the best practices.
  • International Benchmarking Exercises - CAD has conducted the research behind several transparency and budgeting benchmarking studies, including Latin American Index of Budget Transparency (Indice Latinoamericano de Transparencia Presupuestal), Open Budget Index, and Global Integrity Index.

Newsletters And Regular Reports
BoletnCAD - Weekly research report that offers analysis of different aspects of public management and benchmark government performance by comparing governments at the regional level. Recent topics have included participatory budgeting, budget transparency, use of mining resources, corruption, and analysis different types of public spending, such as social programs and education.