• Benedicto Kondowe Executive Director
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  • Onions Complex (behind Malawi Housing, opp. Malawi Cargo Center)
    Off Paul Kagame Road
    Area 4
    P.O. Box 30736
Area of Expertise

  • The CSCQBE was formed in 2000 and is comprised of 78 civil society organizations (CSOs) (both national and international) and 27 district education networks committed to advocacy for the right to quality education in Malawi.
  • CSCQBE monitors the flow and impact of the national budget for education. The coalition offers capacity building to the education sector and CSOs in budget tracking, advocacy, research, and communication strategies. The CSCBQE also works toward the sensitization and mobilization of communities around Education for All Goals. In addition, CSCQBE has expertise in development research; policy analysis and advocacy, and citizen budgeting.
  • The CSCQBE developed a program on the right to know and the right to education to empower community stakeholders (parent teacher associations, school management committees, traditional and religious leaders, mother groups, etc.) to engage and hold policy makers and local authorities accountable. The CSCQBE conducts comprehensive budget monitoring data collection exercises since 2002 following the approval of the national budget.
  • To date CSCQBE remains a strong voice for advancing participatory and inclusive budgeting and policy formulation processes in Malawi. It is affliiated to GCE, World Social Forum, ANCEFA, ANSA, Imali ye Mwana, PAMOJA, Demand for Good Governance Network, WBI, and the Public Procurement Initiative, among others.


Major Current Activities

  • National budget monitoring of education expenditures
  • Capacity buliding of civli society organizations in budget tracking, advocacy, research, and communication strategies
  • Research
  • Policy analysis and advocacy with stakeholders including academia, parliament, and university student movements in order to support policy reforms in education
  • Community mobliization and constituency buliding
  • The right to know, the right to education
  • Access to information campaign