• Raufa Hassan Alsharki
  • Yahya Hossein Alsharki
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  • +967 1 264 213 | +967 1 486 130
  • +967 1 510 679
  • Hadda Street, in front of Emirates Airline
    P.O. Box 1802, Tahrir Square, Near the Parliament
Area of Expertise

Media, identity, gender, good governance, capacity building, human rights, and democracy.

  • Cycle of The National Budget
  • Glossary of Terms Used in The National Budget
  • Case Study: The ANSAR Advocacy Network and WATAN Coalition
  • A collection of Islamic Papers Advocating Participation of Women in Politics
Major Current Activities

  • Country wide seminars and conferences, such as An Open Dialogue on Budget Priorities and The Millennium Development Goals
  • Training workshops on budget terminology and the budget cycle for journalists responsible of the economy sections

Newsletters And Regular Reports
Al-Tanmiah Al-Thaqafiah - Cultural development newsletter