The Center for Law, Justice and Society

The Center for Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) is a Colombia-based NGO working on strengthening the rule of law and promoting human rights in Colombia and across the Global South. Dejusticia is a think/do tank that produces rigorous research that can contribute to action for social change. The group also carries out direct advocacy through campaigns, litigation, education, and capacity-building. Since 2005, Dejusticia has been working on six research and action areas: anti-discrimination; economic, social and cultural rights; rule of law; environmental justice; judicial systems; and transitional justice. 


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    Bogotá, Colombia

Area of Expertise

Since 2005, Dejusticia has been working on six research and action areas:

  • anti-discrimination
  • economic, social and cultural rights
  • rule of law
  • environmental justice
  • judicial systems
  • transitional justice


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Major Current Activities

Dejusticia produces rigorous legal and social science research and aims to contribute to a better understanding of systemic failures and rights violations. The group leverages their expert knowledge to contribute to direct action campaigns, litigation or interventions in public policy design, and public opinion forums. Dejusticia also promotes free access to knowledge for human rights through capacity-building and experience sharing in a variety of formats and with a wide range of stakeholders—from young advocates to scholars and community activists, from judges to policymakers, from transnational advocates to domestic advocates in the Global South. 

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