• Gagik Torosyan Chairman
  • Gagik Torosyan Chairman
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  • +374 10 276 954 | +374 10 540 289
  • +374 10 276 954
  • 3 H.Hakobyan str. (Mergelyan institute)
    Building 4
    Yerevan 0033
Area of Expertise

  • Macroeconomics (research, policy design and assessments, macro-forecasting)
  • Public finance (budgeting, monitoring, evaluation, and analysis)
  • Poverty studies (poverty analysis and PRSPs monitoring)

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Major Current Activities

  • Monitoring PRSPs within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals
  • Research on poverty in Central Asia and Southern Caucasus
  • Budget analysis project of Armenia
  • Macroeconomic Modeling (MAGMA, "Growth and Distribution," "Income Distribution Matrix" Models)

Newsletters And Regular Reports
  • Economic Policy and Poverty - Contributes to the analysis and debate of economic issues by making these accessible to a broad audience of civil servants and civil society
  • Budget Bulletins - Deliver information on the national and local budget formulation and execution stages
  • Economic Outlook - Reports that analyze macroeconomic developments and policies in Armenia