The Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) is Uganda’s leading think tank in economics and development policy oriented research and policy analysis.

The group was established in 1993 as an autonomous not-for-profit organization limited by guarantee to fill fundamental voids in economics research, policy analysis, and capacity building for effective in-country contributions to Uganda’s policy processes.

Today EPRC is a reputable, credible and independent policy think tank in Uganda renowned for providing research based evidence and policy analysis to support the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of government policies.


  • General Contact
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  • +256 41 540 141 | +256 41 541 023 | +256 41 541 024
  • +256 41 541 022
  • 51 Pool Road, Makerere University Campus
    P.O. Box 7841 Kampala
Area of Expertise

  • Economic and quantitative research and analysis of Uganda's economy to enhance civil society capacity for policy advocacy
  • Research on taxation trends in Uganda and its implications for growth, income distribution, and poverty reduction


Major Current Activities

Fostering sustainable growth and development of the Ugandan economy by advancing the role of research in policy processes through provision of high quality:

  • applied research
  • practical policy analysis and advice
  • policy focused dissemination and discourse

Capacity building activities through:

  • intellectual and scholar exchange
  • networking with accredited national and international institutions and scholars
  • hands on skills sharpening for young professionals, technocrats and policy makers