The Center for Environmental and Social Studies

CEAMSO is a civil, technical, and scientific interdisciplinary nonprofit organization that contributes to the development of communities through social and environmental initiatives that promote respect for human rights, seeking to build a more informed, organized and participatory society.


  • Ofelia Yegros Executive Director
  • Alejandra Doldan Project Manager
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  • Cecilio Avila 3838 casi Chaco Boreal
    Teniente Alvarenga 1357

Area of Expertise

  • Research
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Open Government
  • Citizens Budgets


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Major Current Activities

  • CEAMSO’s Citizens Budget project was developed through the Program for Strengthening Public Financial Management in Latin America and the Caribbean (PFM-LAC) with the cooperation of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The project’s main objective was to explain and summarize the Paraguay’s national budget in friendly language, helping citizens to better understand the budget process. Learn more.
  • Learn more about other CEAMSO projects here.


Newsletters And Regular Reports

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