Social Forum for the External Debt of Honduras


  • Mauricio Diaz-Burdett Director
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  • Aparatado Postal 1248 Colonia Alameda
    Avenida Tiburcio Caras, Casa 1011
Area of Expertise

FOSDEH was formed in 1995 as a national alliance of nongovernmental organizations specializing in monitoring macroeconomic public policies, external debt and development. FOSDEH's activities include citizen monitoring, research, training, advocacy, dissemination, and organizational capacity building.

Major Current Activities

As a former CSBI grantee FOSDEH started a project to increase the analytical base of civil society members on the Honduran PRSP consultation council. The project aimed to focus on the 30 percent of the national budget reserved for poverty investment spending. Proposed analyses of past and current poverty budgets would determine their congruence with PRSP guidelines. This information would feed directly into the multi-stakeholder PRSP Advisory Board. The results of the analyses were intended to train civil society members around the country in monitoring, analysis, and advocacy. The final phase of the project was to conduct an outreach and advocacy process to ensure that citizen's demands for the 2005 budget are taken into consideration.

Newsletters And Regular Reports