Fundación Ethos provides ideas, recommendations, and public policy proposals in the areas of poverty alleviation, democratic consolidation, sustainable development as well as promotes future leaders who apply them with conscience and responsibility. Fundación Ethos works to achieve its vision of consolidate societies in Mexico and Latin America where all individuals can enjoy equal opportunities, develop their capacities to the fullest, freely determine their destiny, contribute to national development, and ultimately build a better future for the next generation.


  • Liliana Alvarado Director of Social and Economic Development
  • Stephen Birtwistle Researcher of Social and Economic Development
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  • Enrique Rebsamen 1108 Col. del Valle Mexico City, D.F. 03100 Mexico Enrique Rebsamen 1108 Col. Del Valle 03100 Del. Benito Juárez, México DF  Metro station: Division del Norte Metrobus station: Colonia del Valle  
Area of Expertise

  • Research on social and tax expenditures
  • Training on tax expenditures and capacity building
  • Media advocacy

  • Índice Ethos de Pobreza 2011: A study that uses a multidimensional measurement to enrich the analysis and study of poverty as well as enhance the public policies directed at poverty alleviation. The study analyzed seven Mexico and Latin American countries.
  • Transparency of Tax Expenditure Reporting: The Mexican Case: A case study on tax expenditures and opaque areas of public finance in Mexico.

Other studies include analyses of best practices from other countries that can be replicated in the Mexican context, tax expenditure budgets and the fiscal package, and transparency of tax expenditure reporting in Mexico. For a list of Fundación Ethos's publications, which are available in Spanish, visit the organization's publication page.

Major Current Activities

  • International: Produces case studies and analyses of tax expenditure reporting, tax management, and poverty alleviation policies in Central and South American countries.
  • Federal level: Collaborates with federal ministries, including the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Economy, and the Ministry of Finance. For example, Fundación Ethos worked with the Ministry of Social Development to evaluate the Oportunidades Conditional Cash Transfer program in order to increase the program's effectiveness in poverty alleviation in Mexico, the organization carried out an SME-related project for the Ministry of Economy, and it is working with the Ministry of Finance to analyze the management and use of tax expenditures.
  • Subnational level: Fundación Ethos has developed schemes to fight poverty; improve public finance and tax collection, and create more efficient direct spending programs for certain states.