• Michalis Vafopoulos Project Coordinator
  • Thodoros Karounos President of the Board
  • 56, Mesogion Av.
    Athens 11527
Area of Expertise

  • Access to information
  • Civil society participation in government processes
  • Education
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Transparency and accountability

    Major Current Activities

    Based on our experience with the Open Budget Survey Tracker, the main issues related to the budgeting process in Greece are the following:

    • Awareness on budget issues is generally very low. Even among scientists, politicians, journalists, active citizens, and civic society, there are very few people that include budget issues in their agenda.
    • The website of the Ministry of Finance is not user-friendly, is not based on well-formed URIs, and budget documents are not in machine-readable format (e.g., .xls or .csv) in order to be reused.
    • Citizens Budget is not produced.
    • Very few people in Greece know about the OBS Tracker and understand the need for budget transparency.

    Our approach to the aforementioned issues is to undertake the following action lines:
    1. Produce policy briefs, newsletters, blog posts, and newspaper articles in order to raise public awareness on budget issues and explain the need and tools for budget monitoring based on the OBS Tracker findings and underlying methodology. The policy briefs, articles, and the blog posts will set the agenda with the main issues related to budget transparency in the context of OBS.
    2. Organize seminars for target audiences (e.g., civic society, journalists) on how to use the OBS Tracker and other public data related to budget issues. The seminars will focus on tools and practices that help both activists and journalists doing things related to budgets (e.g., search, compare, and analyze budget items). We plan to develop presentations, video lectures, and practical examples available through the web.