Group for Alternative Research and Monitoring of the Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Project


  • Gilbert Maoundonodji Director
  • Antoine Doudjidingao Economist
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  • B.P. 4021
Area of Expertise

GRAMP-TC was established in 2001 to build the capacity of civil society to monitor the impact of the Chad-Cameroon pipeline on transparency, accountability, and poverty in Chad. Its goals include:

  • conducting research and monitoring of the socioeconomic, legal, and environmental aspects of oil revenues,
  • creating a database for decisionmakers, and
  • providing advice and technical support to stakeholders in the process.

Major Current Activities

GRAMP-TC designed a project to build civil society interventions in the budget process through the following activities:

  • Collating and analyzing information on oil revenues flows;
  • Building a regionally-based team to assist with data collection, processing, and analysis;
  • Design and production of popular guides on reading and collecting information on the budget;
  • Training workshops for civil society members of the Observatory Watchdog Group;
  • Dissemination, production, and distribution of reports and analysis; and
  • Advocacy and lobbying of government.