(Foundation for the Advancement of Reforms and Opportunities)


  • Orazio Bellettini Executive Director
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  • Gregorio Bobadilla N38-88 y Granda Centeno Quito, Ecuador
Area of Expertise

  • Public Governance
  • Environmental Policy
  • Economic Growth and Competitiveness
  • Social Policy and Human Development
  • National and Sub-National Budget Transparency
  • Extractive Industries Monitoring
  • Technologies for Development

Major Current Activities

  • Grupo FARO's Profile 2011 – Briefly describes the main budget analysis and advocacy activities of the organization and its involvement with the International Budget Partnership's Partnership Initiative.
  • Grupo Faro is currently working on a Health Monitoring Program with support from IBP. Information about the program can be accessed by clicking here to view the group's website.
  • Grupo FARO is currently focusing on the monitoring of extractive industries. It reports to other civil society organizations on the latest developments in the oil and mining sectors. Grupo FARO also promotes transparency in the municipal and national budgets by analyzing the national budget and disseminating policy briefs of its findings.

Newsletters And Regular Reports
Lupa Fiscal (Fiscal Close-Up) - details under investment and disorganization in national protected areas, and is the latest issue in a series of publications analyzing fiscal issues in Ecuador.