Mozambique Debt Group


  • Humberto Zaqueu
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  • R. de Coimbra, 91
    Malhangalene, Maputo
Area of Expertise

The GMD was created in 1996 as a national civil society coalition to promote the discussion and implementation of equitable development policies and eradicate extreme poverty through good governance, transparency, and sustainable management of public resources and foreign debt. The GMDs activities include technical analyses and trainings to promote economic literacy; participation in the PRSP process to demand greater government transparency, and the creation of the Poverty Observatory, a formal space for public participation. The GMDs research also focuses on the allocation of anti-poverty funds, children's budgets, gender and development, agrarian development, deficits and public debt, and training materials on the national budget.


Major Current Activities

Interest in public participation to make the state budget more representative of the needs of the people. Income and expenditure budget analysis, promotion of economic and public finance literacy through trainings, seminars, and the creation of feedback mechanisms to enhance the advocacy efforts of civil society organizations.