• Epifanio Baca Responsible for the Citizen Watch Area
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  • Calle Len de la Fuente 110
    Magdalena del Mar
    Lima 17
Area of Expertise

  • Monitoring the budget and decentralization processes and their impact on health and education
  • Central and regional public government management i.e., public investments and acquisitions
  • Transparency, access to information, and citizen participation at the regional level
  • Strengthening the role and skills of civil society in monitoring the process to decentralize resources from the central government and increase allocations to regional governments
  • Budget analysis at the national level to identify yearly allocations directed to social programs

Major Current Activities

  • Reports and information on budget decentralization
  • Initiatives for the legal framework of budget decentralization
  • Citizen oversight of national, regional, and local budget institutions and their efforts to provide public access to budget information and follow the Access to Information and Transparency Law
  • Civil society leadership workshops to promote participation in participatory budget processes

Newsletters And Regular Reports
  • Vigila Per - Released every three months covering budget decentralization oversight reports on the central, regional, and local governments' activities in 15-26 regions in Peru including Ancash, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Cusco, Hunuco, Huancavelica, Ica, Junin, Lambayeque, Pasco, Piura, San Martn, and Ucayali. The reports raise awareness towards the slow process towards budget decentralization, the control of the central government over a significant portion of the budget for the capital's expenditures, and the improved efforts of regional governments to provide budget information, amongst other issues.
  • Boletn de Vigilancia 2009
  • Cuaderno Descentralista