“HakiElimu” means “right to education” and “education about rights” in Kiswahili, the national language of Tanzania. HakiElimu, founded in 2001, works to realize equity, high quality, and a human rights approach to education by 1) facilitating communities’ engagement in transforming schools and influencing policy making and and practices, 2) providing space for citizen to engage, 3) stimulating imaginative public dialogue, and 4)collaborating with partners to advance and social justice. HakiElimu conducts critical research, policy analysis, and advocacy and collaborates with a diverse set of partners and networks to advance participation, accountability, transparency and social justice in Tanzania. HakiElimu’s activities are conceptualized and carried out by its three program units: media and advocacy, citizen engagement and action, and research and policy analysis. Read HakiElimu’s Profile


  • Elizabeth Missokia Executive Director
  • Godfrey Bonaventura Research and Policy Analysis Unit Manager
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  • Plot 739, Mathuradas Street
    P.O. Box 79401
    Dar es Salaam
Area of Expertise

HakiElimu works to enable people to transform education, in and out of schools; influence policy making and effective implementation; stimulate imaginative public dialogue and social change; conduct research, policy analysis and advocacy; and collaborate with partners to advance participation, accountability, transparency and social justice. The three program areas at HakiElimu are: Media and Advocacy, Citizen Engagement and Action and Research and Policy Analysis.