• Emmanuel Kallonga Director
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  • TANAPA - Asilia Road, Plot 578/DD
    P.O. Box 781
Area of Expertise

Establishedin Arusha in 2000, Hakikazi is an economic and social justice advocacy organizationcommitted tothedevelopment ofpractical knowledge and understanding of poverty issues and policies at the local level. Hakikazi acts as a catalyst empowering marginalized people with information toinfluence decisions affecting their lives and achieve their civil and political rights at local, national, and international levels.

Major Current Activities

  • Publication and dissemination of simple guides to create knowledge, understanding, feedback, participation, and pro-poor change in a process of poverty policy down-streaming
  • Participatory monitoring of poverty reduction strategy implementation in terms of budgets, outputs, and outcomes
  • Promotion of accountability in natural resource management

Newsletters And Regular Reports
Hakikazi Bulletins are available in English and Swahili here.